04:59 Wed 9th June, left home in Sunny Suffolk met up with Dotty Cooper & Hazel Baldwin for a quick breakfast bite, before continuing our journey to #Sheffield where we planned to officially agree the collaborative working of @suffolkfrs with @syfireandrescue in our fantastically epic challenge, which is now only 100 days away .

We joined up with fellow team riders  Paul Simmonite & @mark_j_peart before heading into the meeting with their Deputy and Assistant Chief & our Dep David Collins, this I’m sure all parties will agree, went better than any of us could have imagined. Joint working agreed, #oneteam approach to achieving the 3 point objective –

1. Raise huge funds for @thefirefighterscharity 
2. Raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding #mentalhealth
3. Complete the 10 day, 1,000 mile, 50,000 feet elevation #landsendtojohnogroats challenge.

Following this we headed over to #GiantSheffield met manager Andy, who confirmed his store would be fully supporting our riders with, parts, equipment, servicing & bike fits along with offering his teams expert advice should we have any issues during our journey. Amazing.

At this point Darren, Haze, Paul & Mark bid farewell & I headed to @derbyshirefrs #BakewellFireStation – met Watch Manager Alyson Hill, very hospitable, allowed me to use the facilities to change & park my car (managed to chew her ear about our challenge too). A brief 22 mile training ride exploring the local area, kept me busy for a few hours before I headed off to a BandB for the night, met the Hungarian owners who allowed me to waffle on about our challenge & purpose, discuss cultural differences, politics, #COVID_19 vaccinations & life in #ThePeaks .

Thursday 10th began with a quick drive back to #BakewellFireStation met WM Hill, who again allowed parking for myself & a few more of the #lejog2021 team Ken Williamson & Sam Linton in order for us to have a proper #hillclimbing training session of course with #SouthYorkshires finest Paul & Mark .

54 miles, 5,000 feet later it was time to head home.

What an incredible few days, unforgettable in fact .

SYFRS Visit & Peak District Training

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