I’ve been a Firefighter with Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service for 18 years and currently serve on Green Watch at Princes Street Fire Station in Ipswich. I still love riding fire engines and physically helping members of the public when they need us most, some of us have to remain Firefighters to keep the officers in check and point them in the right direction 😉. I’m also Suffolk Fire Brigades Union Brigade Secretary, a role that I’m very proud to have been voted into and hold. 

Why ride the length of the UK in 10 days?

1) because it’s there. Why wouldn’t you want to put yourself through 10 days of torture?!?

2) and most importantly, to raise as much money as possible for a very worthy charity, The Firefighters Charity and also vitally, increase mental health awareness. 

What will I find most difficult?

1) the physical effort of riding 100 miles a day for 10 days straight.

2) the mental effort to fight through the difficult periods that will inevitably occur.

3) exploring and questioning my own mental wellbeing as we embark on this epic journey. 

4) spending 10 days with 2 Liverpool fans after they’ve been crowned (we have now 😂🙌) Premier League champions 😩😂 (I’m a life long Everton supporter)

Mental health is something that can affect us as Firefighters, we see and experience things that most members of society will fortunately never encounter. We have to realise it’s ok to talk about what we experience and how we feel. We’re not alone. It’s ok, not to be ok. But it’s not just us as Firefighters that can experience mental health issues, anyone can have concerns over their mental wellbeing. If us as a team, riding from one end of the UK to the other, raises awareness and helps just one person through a difficult period of their life, then this whole arduous journey will be worth it. After all, that is what we as Firefighters do, we work together as a team to help people. 

Kevin (Kev) Driver

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