International Firefighters Day

May 4th (St Florian’s Day). May 4 is the feast day of St Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. St Florian was the first known commander of one firefighting squad in the Roman Empire. He lost his life, as well as those of his colleagues, for protecting the same humane ideas which firefighters all over the world share even today.

Firefighters in most European countries celebrate their day on 4th of May as a ‘Day of Fire Service’ as well as St Florian’s Day. This date is also known as St Florian’s Day worldwide and has been tradition for more than 150 years in Europe.

It is a day for emergency services to run events such as: memorial services; fetes, open days and fundraisers for relevant campaigns; long service and other presentations; and a media campaign to focus attention on the role, activities and key messages of firefighters and fire organisations.

For the community to:

  • show support for all firefighters worldwide;
  • recognise their level of commitment and dedication;
  • remember those lost or injured in the line of duty;
  • say “Thankyou”;
  • and, as a mark of respect.

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International Firefighters Day

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