Hazel Baldwin

As well as being a proud female Firefighter, I am also a professional Yoga Teacher, Personal trainer and Nutritionalist. I feel extremely lucky to be part of this team as we head towards the epic challenge of cycling from Lands End to John O Groats in just 10 days. However, that is the easy part of this challenge. The toughest part will be to change the perception of mental health across the UK as we expose ourselves via daily Vlogs. 

The role of Firefighters gives us the prime opportunity to talk about mental health issues, how we cope and how we sometimes don’t! This incredible challenge will give us all a platform to share our stories and put mental health issues in the spot light. I will also get to hang out with the most amazing and inspirational Fire Service friends. I will be blogging, vlogging and interviewing the team as we go. Fundraising all the way and asking you lovely people for your support and money. And of course aiding our team with mind and body management during this massive challenge.

Hazel (H) Baldwin

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