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Day 4 – Sunday 27th June – Tour of the venue for Haze and Si & Travel Home🥺

Sadly for us, this was our final morning of what can only be described as an incredible trip to The Firefighters Charity (Harcombe House), Chudleigh, in the wonderful County of Devon.

Hydro Pool @ Harcombe House Swimming Pool @Harcombe House

We had a tour and explanation of all services offered, especially for Hazel and Simon, delivered once again by Physical Health Lead, Nicky Patton.  Kev and I were so enthralled by the first tour that we had received Friday 25th, we reattended this one to glean even more from Nicky’s knowledge and experience.  I can truly say it was well worth a few hours of our time.

Hazel had a question or two to ask of Nicky and the Charity – oh didn’t she just 🤦‍♂️😀.  Seriously though they were intelligent (yes that is what I said Haze) and thoughtful comments, that gave Nicky the opportunity to really delve into her memory and skill base to explain certain areas of rehabilitation, respite care, recuperation, physical health, fitness and wellbeing.  We came away, overawed by her wealth and depth of understanding of the subject area, but more so, overwhelmed with just what an incredible service and facility not only Harcombe House is to the UK Fire and Rescue Service but all the venues across the UK – from Littlehampton, to Devon and up to Penrith – where fortunately for our #LEJOG2021 team, we will be visiting there on Day 5 (make a note), 24th September 2021, of our Longest Ride event – we will be staying there for one night, having cycled approximately 500 miles of our journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  Maybe #RichardJenkins can look into a nice fluffy pillow each for the team  (and maybe a bed to rest our weary heads), certainly the ones that have visited this last 4 days ❓, hey, if you don’t ask!

The Firefighters Charity Devon

The tour finished and the rain coming down fairly hard, the decision was made, no final cycle ride in the Devon hills.  Bags packed and loaded, bungalows emptied, it was time for the 4 of us to head back to Suffolk.

Gladly and happily I can say that the whole visiting team got back safely, my journey involved a little bit of traffic/congestion at times and one rear end shunt of a few vehicles (not mine!) as I approached Junction 28 of the M25 for my final leg on the A12.   I went for a non stop journey to get back and managed it in around 5 hours.

Unpacking and rejigging the car, having removed the bike took a little bit of time.  I was also asked by my eldest to take him for a knock around at the local cricket field – I of course obliged.  I slept very well after that.  One more day off (today as it happens) and back to normality tomorrow – Tuesday 29th.

Harcombe House Gym

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Harcombe House, Part 5, Day 4 🥺

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