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Saturday 26th June 2021 – Day 3 at The Firefighters Charity, Harcombe House, Chudleigh, Devon

Oh and the arrival of Hazel and Simon but let me reiterate…….Hazel 😲😆, more to follow below…..

This day started early (in order to still offer our services for the whole working day) with a training ride planned by Kev for 0645 and alarms awakening us at 0600.  A beautiful route from Harcombe to the Dawlish Coast following the coastline through to Teignmouth (pronounced Tidmouth 🤷‍♀️) and back to Chudleigh – 24 miles, taking in some elevation training.

Dawlish coast

That climb up to Teignmouth 2 plus miles is fun 😲.

Thanks Kevy Driver – a cracking ride, good effort from all of us!

Our arrival back at The FFC (Harcombe House) at 0930, we were also met by fellow team members #HazelBaldwin and #SimonLewis, how do I put this…I’ll keep it tame…”Oh well here goes” 😂, actually it was marvellous to now have 5 of The Longest Ride 2021 team altogether to promote the great work of the charity, give back a little of what so often is only ever taken out of the outstanding service provided, with us volunteering for the weekend and also to discuss our 1,000 mile, 10 day, 50,000 feet (100 miles a day) challenge, all in aid of The Firefighters Charity, raising tonnes of money whilst also hoping to highlight and reduce the stigma surrounding #mentalhealth.

Hazel, Simon, Con, Kev and I quickly got to work continuing on the fence work surrounding the play area, jokes, banter, camaraderie, lots of hard work but plenty of laughs were had, we all some how got covered in paint from Hazel’s direction 🤷‍♀️ and then the promotional vlogs started….you can view some of these on our media channels (although some will have to stay hidden or muted hey Haze 🤦‍♂️😂).

Daily work chores complete, it was time to say farewell to Conrad (he was heading back home having only been granted a strict 3 days away from the better half and his girls). 

Cycling was now on the agenda – plan (or trick) Kev, Haze and Si, into a #gentleride, Kevy Driver again planning the route – aware that HaytorVale needed ticking off the list.  27-28 miles, following a similar route to Conrad and my ride on arrival day (Thursday 24th).  Off we set, nice 5 miles bit of elevation and descent and then Bovey Tracey Fire Station appeared and off we went again – #climbing #movingonup, there was a bit of chatter for the first mile or so, then it slowly but surely dried up, with the occasional huff or puff and a brief comment if anything at all. 

The scenery really helps in that time of oxygen depletion and the often comment of “wow”, “stunning”, “awesome” allowed the extra gasp for more O2 to be taken in.  

We reached the summit, #HaytorRock, a little time for contemplation (getting our breath back), photos, videos and meeting a fellow team of cyclists, riding for “Autism Awareness”, covering 220 (yes two hundred and twenty) miles in two days.  I can excitedly and very proudly say, they achieved their goal during Sunday 27th and we hope they raise huge funds for their charity!  Well done from The Longest Ride Team.

Again more of our photos, video and updates can be viewed on our social media channels.











Hazel’s thoughts on Haytor and the overall ride are below….

Upon our return, it was rest and refuelling time, pizza’s, burger’s and the odd alcholic beverage were had to recoup the calorie deficit.

Sadly the 4 of us remaining would be leaving in the morning after one final guided tour from Nicky.

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Harcombe House, Part 4, Day 3

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