FFC Facilities at Harcombe House

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Day 2 (part 3 of the updates) Friday, 25th June 2021

It was time for the work schedule to begin – it began with Richard introducing us to Nicky Patton, Physical Health Lead, who again came across, wonderfully friendly, filled with information, experience and a unparalleled knowledge base of physical and mental wellbeing.  Nicky gave us a tour of facilities (pictures are available via our social media channels, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the tagline LongestRide2021).  With a thorough indepth explanation of everything on offer, not just at Harcombe House but also the other two Firefighters Charity Centres at Jubilee House and Marine Court.

Unsurprisingly we learnt an incredible amount about what the Charity has to offer firefighters and their families (both serving and retired) in their time of need.  From online sessions on health, wellbeing and welfare, to full on physiotherapy and structured eating and exercise plans to get beneficiaries of the service back to their best – The Firefighters Charity offers it all! 

Con, Kev and I carried out informative lecture sessions, one to one therapy meetings, yoga (do you remember that one Kev 😲😆), walking football and then very kindly Media Producer Wil Halfacree who had been taking video and stills of us throughout the day, offered to take some footage of us on our road bikes wearing The Charity cycling jerseys to promote our @LongestRide2021 challenge.

FFC Facilities at Harcombe House FFC Facilities at Harcombe House FFC Facilities at Harcombe House FFC Facilities at Harcombe House

It was then time for further volunteering work……ground maintenance the order of the day for the three of us, consisting of a brief introduction to a paint brush, paint, towels and of course the very long run of fence panelling, requiring our gentle strokes of the bristles. 

Very relaxing and it felt really good to be able to put back into the Charity at least a little something for all the fantastic work that the staff deliver to our Fire and Rescue family.

Harcombe House volunteering work

Painting at TFFC Harcombe House Painting at TFFC Harcombe HousePainting at TFFC Harcombe House

After a good clean up, it was time for an evening meal, a beer in the play area (no children on site I promise) admiring our work and then a really relaxing #mentalhealth and #wellbeing walk up through the fishing lakes and wooded area, to a remote bench near to the grave of Edward Chaning Wills former owner of the Harcombe House Estate.  #interestingstory if you have the time!

Wonderful walks around the 300 acre site, friendly cows too…

Retiring for the day, contemplating day 3 and the arrival of Hazel 😲😂 and Simon but if you know Haze (or H as she is also known), you’ll catch my drift!

End of Day 2

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Harcombe House, Part 3, Day 2

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