The 20th September 2020 was due to be the day we left Land’s End, Cornwall and headed off on our gruelling 10 day ride ‘tup North, straight through England, next door to Wales and into the hills and cold of Scotland, finally reaching our destination (10 long days later) of #TheExtremeNorth “John O’Groats”.

Thanks to COVID_19 aka CoronaVirus, aka C19, aka SARS-CoV-2, our fantastically marvellous #LongestRide2021 team of cyclists and stunningly great support team had to call off our 2020 journey raising awareness of #MentalHealth and attempting to raise a substantial amount of funds for #TheFirefightersCharity, moving it one year on, to exactly the same date, 20th September 2021.

4 of the Team leaving from Felixstowe - 100 mile route for this lot @LongestRide2021

It was meant to be exciting, exhilarating, emotional and extraordinary and we wanted to mark the occasion by doing something special and memorable. Therefore Darren Cooper put together a plan of cycling around Suffolk (20/09/2020), with the aim being to cover the approximate distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats (1000 miles), all in one day.

With the team of 12 riders and 8 support team, schedules were drawn up for individuals to ride between 15 and 100 miles throughout the day.

Well earned rest and recuperation on their 100 mile route for this section of team LongestRide2021.

Videos were taken, WhatsApp messages were sent throughout the team and the challenge was well and truly underway. Do note that due to COVID, we set strict rules of no more than 6 riders in a group, maintaining social distancing, hand sanitising and washing hands frequently during the journey and simply keeping ourselves and our communities safe.

The riders, distances, videos, photos and publishable messages are below :-

Lee managed to get some miles in around the South of Suffolk
101 miles complete
Sally Hammond supporting the mental health message on her #mountainbike
the start of the 100 miler
A year to the day (20/09/2020)

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